In September last year, we closed our doors to new students due to a dispute with the Isle of Man Government regarding our business structure.  After a long and hard 6 months, the IoM Government has finally dropped their case against us!

Time to Rebuild

Having survived three successive lockdowns and the government review, we are now in the fortunate position where we are able to regrow this business in 2022.

We see this as an opportunity to smooth off the rough edges that accompanied our previous rapid growth and look forward to being able to deliver to you a more refined, comprehensive and streamlined service than ever before.

Finally, we want to take the opportunity to publically thank all of the parents who stuck with us throughout these trying times. Without you, nobody would be returning to Kip McGrath.

If you would like to read more, you can click here to read the digital eition of the Examiner who broke the story.

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