Tackle new maths theory and master the basics needed for your child’s exams

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Give your child a helping hand in their exams.

Tackle new maths theory and master the basics needed for your exams

Now more than ever, employers, colleges, and 6th forms need to see evidence that students are numerate. This means, at a minimum, a Grade 4 / C (pass) or Grade 5 / B (strong pass). At Kip McGrath, our highly qualified maths teachers have tons of experience in getting GCSE students ‘over the line’.

For more able mathematicians, we target tuition at the curriculum areas where your child will benefit from a boost, giving them the best possible chance to excel. The new Grade 9 offers a real challenge – it’ even harder than the old A*!

Our GCSE tuition caters for all the major examination boards used by the island’s schools (CIE, WJEC, and Edexcel), and our qualified teachers are experienced, and fully equipped to help your child achieve the highest grade possible.

Whatever your target, our FREE tuition assessment will establish the needs of your child. If you choose to enroll, we will then create a personalised learning programme to help them get to where they need to be – whether this is 6th form, college, or employment.

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The Kip McGrath Difference

With over a 40 year history and an international reputation, Kip McGrath knows what works. Boost your child’s success, confidence and self-esteem in English and maths today.







Exam Technique

The Kip McGrath programme is an intensive intervention programme

Our proven methodology improves the chances of success in school. It focuses on building the foundation of English and maths concepts by using:

Face to Face teaching

We deliver our classes Face to Face in small groups to emulate the classroom setting, this helps student’s confidence to increase as well as making it more engaging for the child. During lockdown periods, we have the ability to switch online and deliver these lessons via webcam using our purpose-built and secure platform.

Computer-based learning

To ensure your child remains engaged throughout the course of the 70-minute lesson, we like to offer variety! Each child is expected to complete anywhere between 6-10 activities each lesson, of which at least 3 will be computer-based.

Homework activities

To ensure that your child stays on track with the goals we set in the assessment we set weekly homework which is marked and handed back to the student during their next lesson. Being set homework ensures your child does not experience learning loss.

All children are given a FREE initial assessment to determine what year level they’re currently working at and to identify any learning gaps.

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“Kip McGrath has really turned my children’s lives around – from being 2-3 years behind their peers to being in top sets, from crying & hating Maths & English – to excitement and feeling like a ‘pro’ in their classes. Thank you to Jill & Andy and their very special, patient tutors who have treated my children (& me) so well xx”

– C.F.S., IoM Mother, December, 2020