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Primary Maths

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Early intervention is often the best move; help your child catch up, keep up, or get ahead

Maths is essential to everyday life

A high-quality foundation in maths provides a better understanding of the world around us and provides a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

Our team of Primary School Maths Tutors has helped hundreds of children improve their grades and gain confidence in the classroom. We help develop your child’s numeracy skills in preparation for secondary schools and their exams.

We offer an individualised learning programme for your child, taught in a small group setting, meaning your child only works on what is relevant to them. The group setting also allows children to build confidence in a classroom environment and our 60-minute session guarantees one-to-one attention from our tutors in every lesson.

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Primary Maths

Numeracy skills are key to success in primary school and beyond. Our full qualified teachers will facilitate your child’s success with the full range of core skills, including:

Numeracy Skills

Maths Problems





Time tables

Data Analysis

The Kip McGrath programme is an intensive intervention programme

Our proven methodology improves the chances of success in school. It focuses on building the foundation of English and maths concepts by using:

Face to Face teaching

We deliver our classes Face to Face in small groups to emulate the classroom setting, this helps student’s confidence to increase as well as making it more engaging for the child. During lockdown periods, we have the ability to switch online and deliver these lessons via webcam using our purpose-built and secure platform.

Computer-based learning

To ensure your child remains engaged throughout the course of the 60-minute lesson, we like to offer variety! Each child is expected to complete anywhere between 6-10 activities each lesson, of which at least 3 will be computer-based.

Homework activities

To ensure that your child stays on track with the goals we set in the assessment we set weekly homework which is marked and handed back to the student during their next lesson. Being set homework ensures your child does not experience learning loss.

All children are given a FREE initial assessment to determine what year level they’re currently working at and to identify any learning gaps.

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“Fantastic facility. My daughter has grown in confidence with her Maths since joining Kip McGrath and has moved up 2 sets at school! I can highly recommend it.”

– W.W., IoM Mother, December, 2020