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At Kip McGrath, we pride ourselves on providing good customer service in any situation; from lockdowns to snow days, we can provide your child with the unbroken education they deserve. Having operated since October 2017, we have a good idea of what students need.

“My son was advised yesterday he has been moved to set one for his English along with his Maths. We are so pleased and incredibly proud of him and thank you all for the continued help and support you provide for him.”

A.W., IoM Mother, July 6th, 2021

“As my son has just completed his first year with Kip McGrath, I just wanted to leave a report regarding his time with the company, especially given the fact that he has achieved his goals much sooner than anticipated.

I and my husband have been impressed with our whole experience with the company, not only from the point of our first induction meeting but also throughout our sons time which included the difficult windows of ‘lockdown’ which the team at Kip handled extremely well under what was a difficult time for both themselves and the children.
If anyone came to us in the future with the same concerns which we had with our own child’s grades we would not hesitate in recommending Kip as a stepping stone forward.”

C.C., IoM Mother, July 23rd, 2021

“Amazing team brought so much confidence back to my daughter in English and she has just passed her GCSE so can now do the higher paper which would not have been possible at all without the support of Kip, thank you all. ”

J.M., IoM Mother, January, 2021

“I genuinely can’t believe how much my child has come on since starting with Kip….. they just make it all click! Could not recommend it enough! ”

J.C., IoM Mother, December 4th, 2020

“Fantastic facility. My daughter has grown in confidence with her Maths since joining Kip McGrath and has moved up 2 sets at school! I can highly recommend it.”

W.W., IoM Mother, December, 2020

“Kip McGrath has really turned my children’s lives around – from being 2-3 years behind their peers to being in top sets, from crying & hating Maths & English – to excitement and feeling like a ‘pro’ in their classes. Thank you to Jill & Andy and their very special, patient tutors who have treated my children (& me) so well xx”

C.F.S., IoM Mother, December, 2020

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