Kip McGrath Isle of Man

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Enrollment form

If you wish to register your child as a student for weekly tuition sessions at the Kip McGrath Isle of Man centre, please download our enrollment form. (Separate arrangements are made for our short courses).

Download enrolment form

Terms and Conditions

To read our Terms & Conditions for our weekly tuition students, or to download a copy for your own records, please click the link .

Terms & Conditions

Parent Information Pack (Online Face-to-Face)

Download your essential guide written for our parents to help them streamline Online Face-to-Face tuition lessons and troubleshoot any issues. Inside the document you can find out what equipment you need, tips to navigate the platform, as well as a technical troubleshooting guide.

Parent Information Pack

Problem Accessing iKip (Homework or Flexi)?

If you are experiencing issues accessing our online iKip portal (for homework or Flexi lessons), please download this form and follow the steps provided.

Problem Accessing iKip?

Preparing for your Kip Online assessment?

If you have an online assessment booked in with us, this document will ensure that you have the best possible experience with us.

Preparing for your Kip Online assessment?

If you think your child needs help

Trust your intuition

If you are unsure about booking your free no-obligation assessment with us, please read some of the testimonials from our island-based parents.