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A list of answers to commonly asked questions can be found  below. If you have a question not covered by this section, please click on the ‘contact us’ button to let us know.

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How long are sessions?

Tuition sessions are 60 minutes long.

What ages do you cover?

6-16 year olds (up to and including iGCSE’s).

What are your subjects?

Maths & English. (But only one subject in a student’s 60 min lesson). We also offer ‘Early Reading’ which focuses on the fundamentals of English (including phonics and comprehension skills).

How does the assessment process work?

The assessment process is a simple one. Book an assessment at a time that suits you (from the available slots), using our booking link. The assessment lets us know the student’s areas of strengths and weaknesses, which we will then feedback to you. Should you then wish to sign up, just submit the paperwork and discuss lesson availability with us!

Can I book an English and a Maths assessment in the same slot?

No, We only allow for one subject to be assessed at a time (although we can assess x2 siblings in the same subject in one assessment slot).

How long will my child have to come to Kip?

There is no fixed contract period so it is entirely up to the parent & child and the learning goals that they are seeking to achieve.

How big are your tuition groups?

Typically, 4 children, and never more than 5. However, children are not taught as a group and follow their own unique individualised learning programme. We find the small group sessions help boost the student’s confidence and independence in the long run.

Is weekly homework given?

Yes – between 1-3 pieces as per a parent’s preference. Some is paper-based and some is online (to be completed within 5 days). Homework is not optional and progress depends on it. Please note that no online homework will be given for the first few weeks of lessons (as we want to make sure the student is comfortable navigating and operating our online platform).

How many weeks of the year do you offer classes?

To prevent ‘learning loss’ we operate for 48 weeks per year. Forty weekly lessons are ‘In-Centre’ and another 8 are ‘Holiday Flexi’ lessons (via the internet). The only weeks when no lessons are delivered are one week at X-mas; one week at Easter; and two weeks in summer. To see our calendar, click here.

How do Holiday Flexi lessons work?

Holiday Flexi lessons are a mandatory component of our 48-week per year programme because they allow us to deliver online learning opportunities even during holiday periods, and ‘disruptive’ times such as the TT. Since we set Holiday Flexi lesson dates, rather than you, they are charged at a reduced rate. A Holiday Flexi lesson must be completed within 5 days (starting Monday morning and ending Saturday afternoon) and can be accessed multiple times during this period. After which time it expires and the lesson fee is forfeit.

What if my child can’t attend an in-class session?

Please let us know as soon as possible. We will then provide a substitute online ‘Make-up@Home’ lesson, at no additional cost to you. The lesson is re-planned by a tutor to only contain computer content at your child’s ability level. This lesson must be completed within 5 days, after which time it expires and the original lesson fee is forfeit. ‘Make-up @ Home’ lessons, although similar in structure, should not be confused with Holiday Flexi lessons.

What if I want my child to stop coming to Kip?

Simple. Just let us know with as much notice as possible (but at least two full weeks). We can then cancel your payment debit and allocate the tuition slot to another parent on the waiting list.

Do I pay a deposit and sign a contract?

No. Though to secure a specific class time a parent will need to complete and return the registration paperwork and have a card payment debit in place.

What does tuition cost?

£35 for a 60-minute session (Y1-9) and £37 for Y10 & 11. Holiday Flexi lessons are charged at a reduced rate of £24, being cheaper because – by design – there is no direct tutor supervision.  Payments are taken one week in advance. 

How do I pay?

One week in advance, by weekly card debit. Details are only collected once. Subsequent debits are collected every Monday for that week’s lesson(s).

Who do I contact if I have a question that is not covered above?

If you think your child needs help

Trust your intuition

If you are unsure about booking your free no-obligation assessment with us, please read some of the testimonials from our island-based parents.