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Whether your child is just starting primary school or approaching their (I)GCSE’s, our tuition can really help your child to reach their full potential.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the need to be able to ‘flip the switch’ and deliver our full offering online. Thankfully, Kip McGrath had the foresight to develop and launch the fully safe & secure KipOnline platform several years ago. So … with KipOnline you and your child have the option to never set foot in one of our physical centres if that is your preference. Equally, with the KipOnline platform at our disposal your child need never be without access to their education, come snow, sleet, or indeed, another lockdown!

In-Centre or Online we promise to deliver the same content and quality of tuition using our team of island-based tutors. Quality, consistency, peace of mind, and choice for our parents and children.

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If you are unsure about booking your free no-obligation assessment with us, please read some of the testimonials from our island-based parents.